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2013 Champions
2013 FPUSA National Doubles Champions, Paul Yang & By Vang challenge all to come to Fresno and try to beat them!

There are many styles of Boules, but they all want to surround the cochonnet

Pétanque is a simple game for all ages. It's the French cousin of Italian Bocce' Ball and English Lawn bowling. It's played on dirt and gravel and the terrain is not smooth, resulting in the boule (ball) taking crazy bounces. This is what makes the game fun. It has an element of luck: A virtual beginner can beat a seasoned player. That's "the secret" to why this game is so addicting: pure luck can beat skill. It happens often enough to make the game fun and a surprise win by the beginner.

Start by standing in a circle and throwing out a little ball; called in French "the Cochonnet" ("Little Piggy"). Then throw your boule (ball) and try to get it next to the cochonnet. The other team then throws to get closer or shoot you out... and so on. Game ends when one team wins with 13 points.

This is a very easy, social game and the French always have their food and drink close at hand. Free 20-minute clinics are every Sunday at Noon; Tuesdays at 5:30pm and Wednesdays at 10:00am. All you need are three boules; which we provide. You'll be warmly welcomed by our 94-member club. — Come out and have fun with us!

After a tournament, the winners get together and shear open a ceremonial bottle of champagne with a French sabre to celebrate Victory!


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